Getting Your House Sold Depends On These Marketing Strategies From Your Real Estate Agent

A house is a very large investment in most people’s lives and it is an investment that when it’s time to sell it needs to be done right and if you are unaware of doing it, you need to assistance of professionals like real estate agents who have the experience and education to get you the most from your investment. Just because you have the nicest house on the block, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy to sell. Doing the wrong things it could potential prolong the selling process and also it could lose you money by having to drop your sales price. One of the biggest things going against you is competition. If you are not aware of what people are willing to pay for what, how can you start out with a good sales price. And you also need to get your property out in front buyers who are good targets for buying your house. This is where good marketing strategies become key to your house selling process. Getting your house sold depends on these marketing strategies and you need to make sure that you are doing the most that you can to get your house sold for top dollar.

A Good Real Estate Agent Can Make A World of Difference

If you are like most people, the process of selling your house can be very confusing and intimidating. Not only you must be aware of what you need to have in place but you must also be aware of things you can and cannot do legally as well. Spending your time in other areas while a competent and experienced real estate agent can make a world of difference for getting the job done right. You don’t always go with the first real estate agent you run across online or by referral, you want to properly vet them to see how they can help you in your unique situation. You can run across real estate agents who’s idea of selling your house is sticking a sign in the yard and placing the listing on MLS and calling it a day. But there is much, much more an agent can do to properly market your property.

Find A Real Estate Agent That Fits Well With You

Make sure that you try to speak with a few real estate agents and choose the one you feel the best about who can get the job done. About 3 – 5 should be enough to get you started and if you don’t feel good about them, interview 3 – 5 more. Sure, there are fees that have to be paid to the agent, but if your house sits on the market too long, those fees would be minimal if they are able to get the right buyer. With the power of the internet, you can find reviews and see how other clients felt about working with the agents as well.

You should take a look at their current listings and past sales. See if they closely resemble your home or neighborhood. So be sure to visit their website. But what if they don’t have a website? That’s your first red flag there. There are too many ways a real estate agent can get a website up and running and many times brokers will include one. A real estate agent must have an online and social presence to compete. Most buyers go online to search for properties and if you don’t have a web savvy real estate agent, you are missing out on traffic to your listing.

See if the real estate agent has a good record of working with sellers and understand how to price a home in the sweet spot. See if they could provide references. Another way real estate agents are providing references is by getting video testimonials from past clients right after closing. So you can hear how they feel about them right from their clients’ mouths. See what kind of personality the real estate agent has. See if this is a person you can work with and who will work with you in the next few months until you sell the house.

What Will Your Real Estate Agent Do To Sell Your House

Some of the questions you should be asking your real estate agent about selling your house is what will they do to sell your house. This will give you a better idea if this real estate agent will just sit on a listing in the MLS or will be out there hustling and using the last technologies to get the house sold. They could do a video tour of your house as well as what a new home buyer can expect when moving there like in the video below:

This is a good example of a real estate agent making a listing look more real than some text and a picture. They should be using a DSLR to get great photos. Sure their iPhone can snap good photos, but for your house, it deserves the professional and quality that you would get when using a DSLR. If they aren’t good at taking house photos or video, that they are not oppose to getting a professional to do so. There is nothing worse than going to a property listing and they either lack photos or the photos look terrible and low resolution. There are even real estate agents who are stepping their game up by using Drone videos to show off properties, especially those with large lots. Drone Videos for Real Estate is a nice way to not only get a different perspective but it also shows buyers that this is a professional listing. Marketing in real estate using drone videos is just one piece of your real estate agent’s marketing strategy. Check out a drone video for real estate marketing to sell your house below:

(Be sure to check the rules for using drones)

Don’t forget the usage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be on their list to sell your house. There are millions of people using these sites a day and if you can add a link to the listing, your professional photos, and video into social media channels, you will have your listing spread between friends and others who may be looking to buy. They should also use PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Google. These companies make it easy to target the right audience for your house and can only show the ad to those users.
Selling your house really depends on these things in this day and time. Finding a professional, innovative and willing real estate agent is essential to getting your house sold for top dollar when using these strategies.

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