Don't Let Your Zillow and Leads Go To Waste. Nurture Them Through REAIO.

Nurture Your Zillow and Leads

Every day, countless real estate agents receive leads from lead sources like Zillow,, and others. Many of the leads are looking for information about a particular property or other information that they would like answers for. So you get your lead text/email and you reach out to the lead within seconds of receiving the notification. Don’t be surprised if the person who just left their email, name, phone number doesn’t answer phone. Think about it. Many people you may casually call don’t answer their phone, even your friends and family. They prefer texts. But don’t worry, all is not lost. You have their email and phone number to reach back out to them, but good luck with getting a response. And the lead either gets no more attention and goes into the locker of frozen cold leads or sporadic follow-ups.

Agent Lead Follow Up

If you have been in the real estate industry long enough, you know that the fortune’s in the follow-up. It takes 8 to 12 touches before a lead ‘may’ be ready to take action. Since so much has been put online including searching for houses, many people will take their time doing a lot of the searching for houses online before they are ready to get a real estate agent to help them close the deal. If you are not consistently following up with leads, you are leaving a lot on the table and your sales pipeline is suffering for it. But we know that as a real estate agent, you have so much going on from holding Open Houses, meeting clients to show houses, etc. Your real estate sales pipeline shouldn’t have to suffer because you don’t have enough time to follow up with leads.

Real Estate Agent Content

Sure, it’s a pain to sit down to create the necessary email content to send out to your real estate leads. Then, you have to login and learn a new CRM in order for you to send out that content, then make sure that you segment your leads to know which leads have received what email content. And then, you need to know if anyone is even reading your emails and clicking on the links within the content. Then you want to keep sending out this email content consistently but then most email automation software can be quite confusing and if you don’t set it up right, you could potentially send the wrong message to the wrong lead. And you want to keep your face in front of those leads until they are ready to move forward with their real estate journey.

Real Estate Agent Pain

We have heard the pain that new and experienced real agents are experiencing and we created a platform especially for that busy real estate agent to not waste leads from their lead sources like Zillow. REAIO can take your leads from Zillow and and automatically enter them into our Marketing Automation sequence for 8 weeks. Every email includes your picture and contact information along with relevant content that brings value to your lead’s house buying journey. Our system was created so that there is no work required to build out the drip campaign, email copy, and keeping up with what email was sent out to which lead, REAIO takes care of all of that for you. You will also know exactly who opened, which email, at what time, and how many times, as well as link clicks. This information is valuable to know what content is more valuable than other, but also which lead seems to be more interested so you could either email or call that lead to check up on them.

REAIO Nurtures Leads

Our platform is still in BETA with agents beta testing now and using REAIO. If you are interested in trying REAIO so that you can stop worrying about how you are going to service your clients but also nurture your leads from Zillow and nurture your leads from or have questions, send us an email so that we can get your setup ( Let us help you build your real estate sales pipeline through automation.

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