How Chatbots Are Helping The Atlanta House Nerds Real Estate Team Instantly Qualify New Leads

If you have been online much in the last 2 years, you are seeing more and more businesses are using these things called Chatbots to better connect with customers, instantly qualify leads, and have a new way to contact leads with 85 – 95% open rate vs 20% with email. That’s right, at least 85% and growing.

Real Estate Agent Chatbot Earlier Adopters Are Winning

So what has taken the real estate industry so long to adopt this new marketing channel? As with most things, it does take some time to learn and build, but that shouldn’t stop you from benefiting and becoming the market leader in your area using this technology. And that’s exactly what we did for the Atlanta House Nerds Team. The Atlanta House Nerds Real Estate Team adopted chatbots into their current digital marketing strategy. Many of the leads that they get from using Facebook come from automated conversations using chatbots.

Partnering with a team like REAIO helped alleviate the need for learning how to build a chatbot and building a chatbot themselves. We are chatbot building experts that specialize in chatbots for real estate agents.  But of course, using tools like Chatfuel and ManyChat, they provide access to build a chatbot, but most agents don’t have the time to sit down, learn how to build a chatbot and build an effective one.  We implement other custom coding to tailor the bots to our clients’ needs.

Chatbots Work Around The Clock For Real Estate Agents

Why is that? Well, chatbots can work while you sleep, while you are showing properties, and when spending time with family and friends. The chatbots can ask questions to assist the potential lead and with every question asked, can better qualify them. So when you have time to get back to your admin work, you can see the conversation and know which leads are tire kickers, which ones are ready, and which ones that need more nurturing.

Chatbots for Real Estate Agents Is More Than Automation, It’s Personal As Well

But isn’t a fully automated system bad for real estate agents who depend on relationships? The great thing about chatbots for real estate agents is the entire conversation doesn’t have to stay between the chatbot assistant and the lead, but you can jump in at any time to either continue with the current conversation or just start a new conversation. Chatbots are flexible and chatbots are natural because if you think about how you communicate with family, friends, and even clients, you will more than likely communicate with them via text and messenger.

For the lead, there is nothing for them to download to communicate with you like an app, chat is already built into Facebook and I am sure that your clients and leads are most likely using Facebook.

Chatbots For Lead Magnets and IDX Signups

Chatbots for real estate is great for other things like delivering lead magnets like directing leads to your IDX or providing them with the value of their home for sellers. Even if they decide to not leave their contact information, because they interacted with you on the chatbot, you can send messages to them via chat until they unsubscribe. How’s that not better than chasing down an email and phone number? Did I not mention earlier about the open rate is 85 – 95%? That means that you are almost guaranteed to get your message to your audience and keep your name in front of people who when ready to move forward will have you in their chat to contact.

What You Need To Get A Chatbot Built

I’m sure you may have some questions and we are here to answer them. Just schedule a time for us to discuss how REAIO can build a custom chatbot for you. Remember, if when a potential lead is ready to go and they reach out to you and you aren’t available, there is a good chance they will move on to someone else. That’s how chatbots are helping to prevent that because they can get answers to them quickly and you can jump in when you have time to close the deal.


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