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The REAIO CRM platform will help you not drop the ball when it comes to following up with not only new leads, but also current and past clients. We built REAIO to be simple, yet powerful enough to run the most important parts of your business. Even automatically nurture your Zillow and leads!
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Check out some of the great benefits of using REAIO for Lead Nurturing
  • Email/Text Reminders
  • Client Notes
  • Client Follow ups
  • Client Interaction Tracking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Support
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Do you cringe thinking about the number of closings you have lost because you don’t have the time to follow up with new leads?

If you don’t currently have a system in place that generates new leads, nurtures the leads, and keeps you updated with where leads are in your pipeline, you are potentially losing $1000s every month.

It takes a lot to become a top real estate agent. Customer service is at the center of it all. So if you aren’t servicing your clients when they are ready to view a new property or need to submit multiple offers, you are not giving them the top notch service they deserve. And without top notch service, the likelihood of repeat business and referrals drops significantly.

So while you are out and about working with buyers, out working with seller clients who need you to get their house on the market fast and field communication from potential buyers, you are further opening the gap when it comes to lead follow up. Trust me, I have been where you are right now as a real estate agent. It sucks because you can’t be in multiple places at once. It takes a lot to be a real estate agent and still keep your sales pipeline full.

We haven’t even talked about how well you are doing staying in front of past clients. It’s a lot, I know. This was where I figured out that I needed a system in place. When I couldn’t find one that fit my needs, I built one.

If you are ready to stop the madness and get a system in place that will handle your leads and clients automatically, click the button below so that we can tell you about our system REAIO. REAIO is the gap-filler that you are your real estate team needs. Our system requires very little from you to make it work and will reach out to you to let you know the state of your client list. Your team will thank you, your clients will love you, and your family and friends will finally be able to see you again.

Are You Ready To Consistently Nurture Leads and Follow Up With Current Clients?

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