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Can Really Help Me Follow Up With My Leads?

Absolutely! As soon as new leads enter our system, they automatically get entered into an 8 week touch campaign with relevant content sent on your behalf. You have the power to add follow up dates and tiems that are automatically sent to you as a reminder so you don't miss your next opportunity to reach out to leads and current clients.

Why Are You Different From Other Companies?

We are more than a CRM. We believe that if you are spending a lot of time in our system, you are spending less time doing the thing that you do best which is working with your clients. We build our application to be as effortless on your part as possible. We make sure that instead of you reaching out to our platform for updates, we reach out to you. was built by REALTORS® who understand the need to automate as much as possible while reaching out of the agent because you are so busy.

Does The FREE Version Have Limited Features?

For the first 14 days, you will be able to experience the full application, minus customer text reminders. After 14 days, if you have still not decided to upgrade, you can continue to use the application, but limited in features and number of customers you can view.